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Group Dance Classes - Pinehurst NC


If you are interested in group dance classes, please fill out the form below. If there is enough interest, we will schedule a series of classes. Thank you and keep on dancin'!

Location: Down Memory Lane

161 Dawkins St.

Aberdeen, NC 28315


Our focus is to always teach leadable patterns along with good technique so that you can enjoy dancing with more people! The steps we teach during each class session will be independent of each other, meaning that you do not have to attend Class #1 in order to do what we teach in Class #2 and so on. This is true for the Beginner and Intermediate Classes. So even if you can only attend 1 class, please do!

Help Us Grow... Invite someone new!

The way to grow our dance community is to get new people involved! So... invite some new people to give Shag a try. Invite them to the beginner class and come with them! If you're paying for the Intermediate class, you can attend the beginner class for free.

It's a Group Thing...

We try our best to deliver top quality group dance instruction. We promise you - we see everything! Sometimes that means we have to ignore a few things for the greater good of the group. We have many hours of group teaching experience so we try to mitigate problems with our instruction before they happen! But when we see things going wrong, we'll address them through our group instruction, not on an individual basis.

How We Teach...

First of all, we want you to have fun! Dance is supposed to be fun and joyful, so we don't take ourselves too seriously and hope you'll do the same.

We use the build and repeat method of teaching. We teach a piece of the dance pattern and repeat it several times then we add a piece and repeat that. Repetition is the key! The steps will stick with you longer!

We like to separate the leaders and followers sometimes to teach the footwork for a particular pattern. It helps to know where you're going first before partnering up. Trust us on that! (wink, wink)

We throw in lots of lead/follow and dance technique while we are teaching a step or a pattern. Technique is extremely important! Good technique generally makes everything easier. Trust us on that too!

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